The festival

The first time that I actually attended the festival, I had such a great time. It is a great place for you t not only socialize but there are plenty of entertaining options when it comes to the politically correct entertainment choices as well. There is nothing worse than being bogged down by a bad movie choice. We’ve all done it, gone to the movies thinking we were about to be entertained but came out of the situation mortified instead. It seems that more & more there are stereotypes being dealt out by the people in charge of making hit movies or TV shows. Why is it that the gay guy always has to be flaming. Can’t any of them just be a normal guy looking for his idea of the ideal mate.

We all have a type. We are all attracted to a certain type of person either because of their appearance, their outlook or their attitude. People can not help who they are attracted to in most cases. Just because a man likes a woman, does it automatically make him some kind of horn dog who is only out to score? No of course not nobody would think that but that is only because it is not the stereotype which has been built up through the years. I am not saying that there has never been a male character that took on the characteristics of a horny guy, out for one thing & one thing only.

I am saying that is has not been the overwhelming element that has been focused on & blown out of proportion. It has not been made into such a constant behavioral aspect that society has now started to view all men in this way. If that were the case then men would make sure to stop the perpetuation of the stereotype pretty quickly. There is no way they would let it stand because it is just not true in many cases.

Why do we feel that it is ok to perpetuate equally disabling stereotypes about homosexual people? They are a little bit less boisterous than your average everyday man. They are not as likely to make a fuss over something as trivial as the depiction of a stereotype which they do not agree with. Many of them would choose to just live their private lives. Not worrying about the view that Hollywood chooses to push on society. It was not until recently that there has been a push for something a little bit less edgy when it comes to the depiction of homosexuals.

There are those of them that lead normal lives. They do not need to flame so that the world can ID them.

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