The Houston Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is going to celebrate its 10 years of bringing great films, filmmakers and audiences together to celebrate Houston’s Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered and Bi-Communities. We are talking real films here! Because it’s our 10th birthday we would love you to come grace us with your presence. Join us while we open our special birthday presents in the form of a number of gift baskets. We will share all of the gift basket goodies with attendees while we all watch some films! The Tooth Fairy has whispered that there will be fine wine and tasty goodies, both sweet and savory in the birthday gift baskets. Be sure to attend so you won’t miss out on the delicious treats for the tummy and the mind!

The films that are to be presented are not just 3 min clips about a cute Tooth Fairy, but real full length, feature films from all around the world. There will also be short films too with cute categories and interesting subject matter from and for both boys and girls. One full weekend for us! We’re going to try to see every film we can, and just soak up all the culture as my grammy would say. I just think the whole even is exciting for so many reasons.

We’re focusing the entire festival on one weekend and at one venue. From September 22 – 24 at the Angelika Film Center, you can see great feature films from the US and abroad, the ever popular Boys Shorts, and the equally entertaining Girls’ Shorts, and culminating in a Best of the Fest showing of artist submissions.

We know of one submission that involves the comic and sometime not so comic antics of the hero,Johnny Loans, who in an impulsive action decides to apply for and then accept the lender’s offer of several online payday loans over the course of a year. In one scenario a dear friend needs money for a most important medical procedure (fixing a ear that had been bitten partially off by an angry lover). Johnny, generously “loans” the dear friend, whom he had a crush on, the money, thus appearing as the face saving hero. Little did the friend know that Johnny really didn’t have the money and ended up scrambling to repay the short term loan. Another scenario which required several pay day loans under different aliases and aliases’ bank accounts was Johnny trying to impress another fellow he was infatuated with by throwing a lavish party. Anyway, the movie is both hilarious and sad. Look for Johnny Loans and save the times and dates when it is playing during the festival.

Some of the benefits to you:

• Festival Pass Owners can hop from one show to the next, without leaving the air conditioned environment of the fabulous Angelika

• No more delayed shows because of being lost

• Opportunity to reserve a space in the screening before the event

• A full festival guide, that arrives weeks before the festival starts

But the HGLFF is not going to hide for the rest of the year. We are now working with the venues who have partnered with us during the previous festivals, to highlight other LGBT films throughout the year.

Keep checking the website for further details & updates on films & special events!
You wouldn’t want to miss any of these! they are basically once in a life time!

See you at the movies!

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