Sometimes we may not fully understand the damage that is being done to the general public by Hollywood. Whether they realize they are doing it or not makes no difference. Hollywood has always made their money by casting a negative light over one hot topic or another. Their bread & butter seems to be creating one stereotype or another. They have no consideration about the effect their stereotypes can have. What they are concerned with is their pocketbook. They want to make the almighty dollar & if they must shed a negative light on something to accomplish it, so be it.

There a lot of instances where Hollywood has created false stereotypes based on religion, gender, race, culture & sexual orientation. These are all some of the most sensitive topics there are but Hollywood has through the ages had a turn at each & every one of them. What they seem to misunderstand is that every time they are creating a negative stereotype it is actually hurting a whole group of people unwittingly. Let’s take for example the way that women were depicted on television as recently as the 70’s not to mention much earlier. They were cast in the light of a home maker. A subservient individual in many ways. They were made to seem inferior & the stereotype never did any good for one woman.

The first step to an accepting society is to ensure to Hollywood is considerate of their out takes. If they are to popularize or propagate a negative viewpoint they can not be considered as helping society move in the right direction. There is no reason why the general population should be made to look at one group of people differently. There is no reason why they should be mistreated as a result of something people saw on TV.

We are all people & it is important to remember that. Hollywood makes what people want. There is something we should do to ensure that these callous actions are stopped. We can boycott this type of movie & we can reach out to the people responsible for them to let them know that it is unacceptable material.

There are still to this day gay & lesbian people who are afraid of persecution because of the past. History shows us that people can be cold hearted when dealing with others. The sooner Hollywood stops pushing the stereotypes forward, the sooner they will die out altogether. Please help us take a step in the right direction. If we refuse t watch this type of movie then the people in charge of making them will choose a different artist path to travel instead. Help make the world whole again.

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