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The Board and Staff of the Houston Gay and Lesbian Film Festival would like to thank you, the Houston Community for making our 10th Anniversary Festival so successful!

The financial corporate gifts you provided us allowed the festival to proceed without a hitch. Corporate gifts come in all sizes. shapes, and amounts. We are fortunate to be on the corporate gift receiving end. We thank you… wholeheartedly.

Special thanks to our sponsors:

Continental Airlines

Time Warner Cable

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Americas-Pet-Store. I’d like to say a few words of gratitude for the serendipity that resulted in our relationship with this business. Most of the staff here have pets and so we are very happy to have this sponsor on board. In addition to their financial support, they donated a wonderful product that we’re using in the sweepstakes program. Among all the products available, Hale dog doors are an amazing product. If you have a pet that is free to roam both inside and outdoors, you need this product. Pet doors permit the pet to decide when to enter or leave the house. There’s a RFID chip in the collar that opens the door when the pet approaches, making humans superfluous as minders of the door. There are both cat and dog versions, but since most of us here are dog lovers, we’re offering the dog version in the sweepstakes. So dog lovers – be sure to enter!

The management and staff of the Angelika Film Center

And our amazing volunteers!

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The first fund raiser of the season will be a silent auction of gift baskets filled with goodies, coupons and gift certificate from local Houston merchants and our sponsors. Our silent auction gift baskets will be themed according to the type of merchandize or products our volunteers have managed to solicit. We will definitely have a chili and barbeque gift basket with all the herbs and spices, plus a few recipes, aprons and utensils, plus a coupon to buy all the other necessary ingredients. And there certainly needs to be a “Take ME out To the Ballgame” gift basket for all those Astro fans. We are working on snagging a couple of tickets near home plate and a couple of Astro baseball caps. The gift basket will also showcase some fan favorites souvenirs and memorabilia. If you live in Houston you know there are gourmet specialty shops galore. How about a gift basket packed with organic food and locally grown produce along with other goodies from Nature’s Market or a basket of Phoenicia Specialty Foods Downtown which is such a haven for foodies, and chefs. Sounds good to me. Delectable desserts and other sweets along with dessert wine or champagne will fill another one of our silent auction gift baskets. If you have any suggestions for other gift basket ideas let us know.

If you have never attended a silent auction, they can be a lot of fun. We will provide a cost estimate for each auction gift basket. All sales are final. You will find a form beside each gift basket with lines for bidders’ names and the bid amounts. Every subsequent bidder writes her / his name on the next line and enters a higher bid. The highest bidder wins. The auction will be for a limited time. Once the silent auction is over the winners will be announced. They must pay for their gift basket when they come to pick it up. We also plan to have a buffet and cash bar along with live music. Hope to see you. The date and time will be announced on this post once it is finalized.

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